Do you feel stuck in a story of survival?

I believe stories are at the core of who we are and that our experiences and history shape our story.

As children, we listened to stories, made up stories, and act out stories.

As we grow, stories remain at our core.

The stories inside us dictate how we show-up in our lives: in our families, in our friendships, in our work.

What stories are part of your life?

I help children, teens, adults and families identify the stories that keep you in survival and help you move towards thriving. 

Our lives are stories in a book



Counseling is a safe place for you, your child, teen, or family to overcome personal challenges and move towards thriving.  

Life can be challenging and cause feelings of dysregulation and chaos. 

Utilizing a variety of interventions, including play therapy and expressive arts, I will help you feel empowered to make positive changes.



Coaching is a unique relationship with the main purpose of supporting you to be your best self. 

By focusing on your strengths, we build your confidence and motivation to actively move towards making your dreams a reality.  

I work with parents and individuals who need support, accountability, and tools to make their preferred future a reality.


Online Tools and Classes

Raising a family in an anxious world is challenging. 

I am the co-founder of the ACT Parenting Community where we provide practical action steps, connections with community, and research based teaching for families wanting more calm in their family.  

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